Unpack, connect and freak out

The Oxocard is a computer with WiFi that you can program via the browser. Discover step by step the fascinating world of programming learn how computers work, how to program pictures, sounds and games. program pictures, sounds and even games.

Programming with blocks

Blockly lets you create programs that animate pixels, make sounds, or respond to motion and keystrokes in record time. or react to movement and keystrokes. You just put a few blocks together and you can you can exchange messages with other cards. Learn how to fetch data from the Internet and incorporate it into your own programs.

Now computing power is coming to the classroom

The Internet of Things is now led by a new super chip, which now also provides computing power and almost unlimited possibilities in the new Oxocard.
Inside the Oxocard is the circuit board with the electronic components. It has similar capabilities to those found in PCs, tablets and smartphones today. The following graphic shows you what the Oxocard has built in and what purposes the parts serve.

Free course materials

We provide more than 20 exciting worksheets, with tasks, additional tasks, information and explanations. In addition, there are numerous ready-made sample programs are also available. In addition, we have developed two workbooks together with hep publisher, which are structured according to Curriculum 21.

Technical data

ESP32 with 32bit dual core Tensilica chip design, 4MB Flash, Wifi un Bluetooth

Certification of the radio and CPU model

WiFi: Wi-Fi Alliance
Bluetooth: BQB
Green certification: RoHS/REACH

WiFi-Protocols: 802.11 b/g/n (802.11n bis 150 Mbps)
Bluetooth-Protocols: v4.2 BR/DER and BLE Specifications, Class-1, Class-2 and Class3-Transmitter


LED matrix with 64 very bright, individually addressable RGB LEDs (Neopixel)

System requirements:
  • Programming with Blockly requires a PC/Mac/Chromebook or tablet with internet connection.

  • The Oxocard only works with a WiFi network that is not per login screen.

Order now

An Oxocard set includes the learning computer with a LiPO battery, a sustainable cardboard case and a charging cable.